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We hope our site will give you the desire to come to visit us. Perhaps just for one night on a busy schedule, hopefully for a week-end or, even better, a week.

“In the light of the past we will build the future”, the motto of our village: Le Longeron , could apply to the region. Rich in history, focus to the future, yet anchored in the present, it has a lot to offer: enjoy a simple walk along the Sevre river , discover the castle of Bluebeard, experience the excitement of a day spent discovering the cinescenie du Puy du Fou or an early morning shopping at “Les Halles” of Cholet followed by a visit to “le Circuit des Marques” ... There is so much to do.

After a full day, come back to “la Promenade” and enjoy a fine meal in a relaxing environment. The park or the terrace are quiet and the library is always open.