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We met in the great Canadian West where we lived for many years. From there, we brought back an attachment to large space and meeting with people from everywhere. Marc is still involved in the fine wine business and keeps travelling overseas.

Over the years, he has developed a keen interest for cooking. His cooking style is largely influenced by his travelling. When home, he is in charge of the kitchen.

He was born in this region, but Monique left her beautiful Alps mountains for the “douceur angevine”. Her job as a beautician has influenced the re-design of the house and of the flower garden.

Built after the second W.W. for a dynamic shoemaker, the house was later purchased by a textile company. They used it for their managers. We bought it in 1995 and included 4 guest’ bedrooms and a large open kitchen to accommodate 12 people to our table.

Named “La Promenade” after an adjoining old farm, the house is surrounded by a park. Roses, hydrangeas, orchard and garden vegetables have also found an heaven.